Better Schools

The Rudd Labor Government understands that students in Franklin, and across Australia, are not being adequately resourced to ensure that they get the best education possible. That’s why under the National Plan for School Improvement, schools in Tasmania will benefit from around an additional $400 million over the next six years, bringing total public investment to $7 billion over 2014-2019. We have a plan for properly resourcing all our kids, teachers and classrooms for generations to come.

Did you know that if Tony Abbott wins you lose. Tony Abbott and the Liberals needs to make $70 billion of cuts – what else will he cut in Franklin?

Compared to our Better Schools Plan, on average schools in Tasmania will be worse off by around $740,000 – this will impact the 48 schools in the Franklin electorate.

Labor’s plan is not just about more money – it’s about better results for students. It’s about making sure that we resource properly students, teachers and classrooms for generations to come. For more information on the Better Schools reforms, please visit the website here.




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Julie Collins - Federal Labor Member for Franklin
Standing Up For Franklin