National Broadband Network

Did you know if Tony Abbott wins you lose. Tony Abbott and the Liberals needs to make $70 billion of cuts – what else will he cut in Franklin?

The one thing Tasmania does not need is to be left in a technological dark age.

Tony Abbott confirmed in the Coalition’s Economic Growth Plan for Tasmania that he would abandon rolling out super-fast fibre broadband to more than 40 towns across Tasmania - more than 85,000 Tasmanian premises would be affected. 

Under Tony Abbott, Tasmanians will be left with one of two choices - either battle on using last century’s copper technology - or fork out up to $5000 to have fibre connected to their home or business. 

In stark contrast, Labor’s broadband fibre network is super-fast and will be connected for free to more than 200,000 Tasmanian homes and businesses.

The National Broadband Network is a revolutionary change to the telecommunications infrastructure of our nation. It will provide high speed broadband to every Australian, through fibre, fixed wireless and satellite technologies.


This will transform all facets of Australian lives, through eHealth, online education, video communication, teleworking and entertainment. NBN fibre services are being rolled out to many parts of Franklin now, including Bellerive, Kingston, Geilston Bay, Warrane and Mornington with construction to start in other parts of Franklin soon.

To find out when the NBN fibre is coming to your part of Franklin, visit the NBN website here.




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