SchoolKids Bonus

Did you know that if Tony Abbott wins you lose. Tony Abbott and the Liberals needs to make $70 billion of cuts – what else will he cut in Franklin?

Around 6,800 eligible families in Franklin will lose the Schoolkids Bonus – a typical family with two kids will be $15,000 worse off over the period of their kids’ schooling.

The Coalition needs to make $70 billion of cuts – what else will Mr Abbott cut in Franklin?

Parents in Franklin need support to ensure that they can meet the costs of their children’s education, and the Rudd Labor government is providing it through the SchoolKids Bonus.


From July 4, 1.3 million families are set to receive the second part of the payment. Eligible families will receive $205 for each child in primary school and $410 for each child in secondary school – just in time to help parents to get all the things their kids need for Term 3.

The payment helps parents buy uniforms, shoes, school books and stationery, as well as other costs like school excursions, music lessons and sports registration fees.

For the latest information about the Schoolkids Bonus and other family assistance measures, visit the website here




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